31 March 2019

Breeze through Spring with Ayurveda

My Ayurved LLC, 17 Overlook Drive Danvers MA 01923

About The Workshop

Ayurveda provides time tested easy tools and practical guidelines for seasonal transitions. Join Shah to learn Spring specific foods and spices. Get introduced to wonder herbs such as Gooseberry, Holy Basil and more, and how to use them to keep those sniffles and itches away. Learn about simple herbal mixes such as Trikatu (3 peppers), Triphala (3 fruits), etc. and how to use them to have an optimal spring experience. Enjoy the Spring spice khitchari (lentil, rice, vegetable dish) and sample potent herb drinks. Recipes and handouts will be provided. **Lunch included - khichadi (a rice, lentil dish), a green 'chutney' (dip) with cilantro and gooseberry, a special preparation of organic cultured yogurt as a side dish, full of probiotics, lime pickle, a healthy sweet dish;

How Will You Benefit

  • Understand the physiological impact of Spring season as per Ayurveda
  • Learn why it is important to eat differently in this season
  • Guidelines to transition in food and lifestyle choices in Spring