A brief history of your illness(es) along with duration and all you had tried before seeing Shah:

For many years, I have gone to my doctors with a variety of symptoms, asking “Why am I always tired?”, “Why does it take a small cut so long to heal?”, “Why is my hair falling out?” 

They would order bloodwork but would dismiss me because I wasn’t sick enough for anything to be outside the normal ranges. I was simply unwell. I tried to treat myself with a cabinet full of supplements, tinctures, and shakes but the symptoms continued to get worse.

Finally, when I was sick enough, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and told there isn’t a cure for autoimmune diseases, but I could take a pill for the symptoms while the disease slowly deteriorated my thyroid. 

Main symptoms you were experiencing: low body temperature, hair loss from head, arms, and legs, extreme fatigue, constipation, slow healing cuts, skin infections.

Describe your experience with Shah, Doctor of Ayurveda, in your own words (add more pages if needed): After a detailed intake and in person visit, I received a written wellness plan and a package of supplements. Since then, our visits have been remote. She listens carefully and makes thoughtful recommendations. The goal was not to replace the prescription with Ayurvedic supplements but to heal the underlying issue so that neither would be required. We are well on the road to achieving this goal!

Summary of the key benefits you have experienced (you can share in a bulleted form if you like): My energy is greatly improved, my digestion is stronger, I’m not cold all the time, my hair and skin look healthy again. To top it off, my primary care doctor had me stop my thyroid medication as I no longer need it. 

What are a few things that you think characterize a consult with Shah?

Shah takes the time to really listen and ask probing questions. She makes small tweaks to the wellness plan that move the progress forward. She uses the time very efficiently. 

Would you recommend Shah to a friend? Why? I have already recommended several friends since my outcome was very positive and sometimes Western medicine can only treat our symptoms, not the underlying cause. 

Carolyn N, MA