Asthma - I had my first asthma attack at around four years old. Growing up, I would do nightly breathing treatments on a breathing machine and would use an inhaler as needed (although the inhaler made symptoms come more frequently and eventually stopped working). I grew out of asthma attacks once I got older, but I have experienced chronic minor wheezing since. 

Anxiety - I have experienced anxiety my entire life, stemming from childhood, generational, and societal trauma. I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medicine. The medicine would only help if I needed it to get a large amount of work done, but I could only take it one or two days before I crashed and felt the side effects of the medicine. 

Main symptoms you were experiencing: 

Trouble breathing, low energy, panic, fear, panic attacks 

Describe your experience with Shah, Doctor of Ayurveda, in your own words (add more pages if needed): 

I started seeing Dr. Shah in October 2021. I had attended a couple of classes at the time with her before seeing her for an intake and consultation. Dr. Shah is an expert in the field of Ayurveda. Dr. Shah exudes confidence in the information that she is sharing, and she practices Ayurveda fully with her whole being; this shines through when working with her and has made it easy for me to place my trust in her. 

During my first intake, it was clear that she had thoroughly read over the intake assessment that I had filled out. She actively listened and helped me understand foundational concepts of Ayurvedic wellness. The recommendations from the first intake focused on giving my gut a break as it had been digesting processed foods, incompatible food combinations, and frequent eating patterns for all of my life. As I followed the protocols given by the first intake recommendations, my body detoxed itself. I remember telling her that it felt as if I had gotten an entirely new body. Since then, my energy levels have been up and consistent; this has made a huge impact on my life, relationships, and achieving my goals. Our second follow-up consisted of building Ojas (immunity) and a healthy gut microbiome.

I have had several follow-up appointments with Dr. Shah. At each follow-up, Dr. Shah holds a compassionate space and really listens to how I have been doing. The care and space she has held for me have brought me to tears on more than one occasion, as compassionate listening and inquiry are unique to me coming from a background of seeing doctors in Western medicine. Dr. Shah has prescribed herbs, tinctures, and oils that have all worked and benefited me significantly. I have no longer been experiencing chronic wheezing. Each session with Dr. Shah has brought me closer to having a Sattvic mind, and she always reminds me to focus on self-compassion first. 

Summary of the key benefits you have experienced (you can share in a bulleted form if you like): 

  • Higher energy levels 
  • Better understanding of my body 
  • A trusted patient/doctor relationship 
  • No signs of chronic wheezing or asthma 
  • Slowly working towards a more Sattvic state of mind 

What are a few things that you think characterize a consultation with Dr. Shah? 
Compassion, care, and support 

Would you recommend Dr. Shah to a friend? Why? 

Yes, I would most definitely recommend Dr. Shah to a friend as she can help you find balance in your body and mind. 

I would also recommend the delicious Chyavanprash Herbal Jam from Dr. Shah’s company Swa Stha!! 

Courtney Bailey, TN, Asthma