Vaidya Pratibha Shah listened to all my issues intently and did a detailed assessment of all aspects of my life – physical, physiological as well as psychological. She wanted to know everything starting from what I ate how I pooped and how I slept. She has a very integrative approach. So she advised me that we will definitely be open to using steroids or other modern medicine IF the situation is acute. She said the goal would be to bring me to a state of real and true health through food and lifestyle changes and herbs where the need for chemical drug support would be minimized or completely eliminated. I saw her after my first acute episode 10 years ago. Since then I have NOT NEEDED TO USE STEROIDS OR ANY OTHER MODERN MEDICINE A SINGLE TIME. And I have been experiencing much improved health, my symptoms have resolved, my skin is so much clearer and most importantly I feel good.

Shikha Ashutosh Sinha